Meet the Real Cast

Justin Dodd as Detective Mystery Jones

Justin Dodd is a writer, performer, and artist in Brooklyn, New York. He currently works for a digital publication in Manhattan making videos for the internet. Justin studied Theatre in college but his background is in storytelling in all of its forms. Screenplays he'll never finish, poems he'll never share with you, and monologues that are actually pretty good. He hails from Florida where his lovely parents still live so he goes back sometimes for like, Christmas and stuff. He is an Aquarius.

Jessica Saul as Investigator Chrissy

Jessica is an actress, comedian, and impressionist originally from South Florida; that place where your Grandparents live and you visit once a year. Upon graduating Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Media Communications, she moved to NYC with dreams of disappointing her parents but decided to pursue comedy instead.


Her comedy has been featured at the Women in Comedy Festival (Boston, MA), Burbank Comedy Festival, as well as numerous clubs and venues throughout New York City including New York Comedy Club, The Comic Strip Live, The Duplex, Broadway Comedy Club, and The Stand. She is the creator of weekly Instagram series #MondayswithMelania, which has been a real hit among her friends and 3 strangers. @bettercalljsaul

Isabella Werber as Principal Commissioner

Isabella is a graduate of FSU and Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Currently residing in New York City, Isabella’s favorite roles include #25 in The Wolves at the Hippodrome Theater, Mary Warren in The Crucible and Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. She has performed in numerous short films including a virtual reality film that screened at the Smithsonian.

Jude Flannelly as Additional Voices

Jude Flannelly is an actor and writer based in NYC. He is a frequent collaborator with Endstation Regional Theater in Virginia, and was in the National Touring cast of the Off-Broadway show “Old Jews Telling Jokes.” You can see him performing with his improv team “Evenings with Lane and Jude” at the PiT theater.

Julian Hernandez as Mr. Meatball

julian is a comedian living in brooklyn and is dying to meet you (fucking kill me).

julian loves to talk on mystery jones, type on twitter (@thethongsong), and do some kinda shit on he was born in florida and that’s about it. his dog’s name is bill. his phone number is 727-612-8323. julian’s phone, not bill’s. bill’s phone number is 911. call me - XO julian

Chloe Lind as Additional Voices

Chloe Lind is a tall, lanky video editor in NYC who loves Broadway, creepy graveyards, internet-famous animals, the color burgundy, and dance.


When not editing, she is most likely dancing, at a show, screaming at board games with her friends, or watching hour after hour of Youtube videos, ranging from video game playthroughs to bulldog puppies rolling down hills. She hopes to one day combine all of those interests and skills to create a new genre of film: dancing Broadway puppies playing video games in graveyards. Stay tuned.

Written and Edited by Paul Ramsdell & Justin Dodd

Paul and Justin met at FSU, and have made some cool stuff together since Paul blackmailed Justin into acting in one of his student films.

One day they hope to be paid for the stuff they make, but they also hope they get to live out the exact plot of 'Kangaroo Jack' one day, so.


Justin and Paul both live and work in New York City, and they have a radio show out called 'Mystery Jones! The Radio Files'. It's pretty rad, you should check it out.

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